Multiscale Turing Patterns

A few years back I became interested in making computer generated art. I was using the programming language Processing to create some interesting images but nothing spectacular. Until I found the website of Jason Rampe. He had come in contact with Jonathan McCabe. Jonathan McCabe is a generative artist who uses the work of Alan Turing to create beautiful generated art. Jonathan also wrote a paper with an explanation of the process he uses to generate his images.

Jason was inspired by the work of Jonathan and with his help managed to create his own set of algorithms for generating Multiscale Turing Patterns. He was even so kind to write a detailed explanation on his blog. With this explanation I got started on my own version of a piece of software that could generate the Multiscale Turing Patterns. First in processing and later in Python.

Below are some the results of my attempts:


Another very nice thing to do is to animate the creation proces:


After this I went a bit overboard and wanted to make Multiscale Turing Pattern that was at least a 100 MegaPixel. I used the Google Maps API to make it zoomable: